Mar 28, 2015

LMISD Administration

409.938.4251, ext. 237
Terri L. Watkins,  School Superintendent
Trezlyn Dunbar, Executive Administrative Assistant
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum
Marcia McMahon, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum
Vernell Perry, Administrative Assistant (ext. 249)
Sonya Sonia, Coordinator of Special Education - 409.908.5083
Monica Clay, Director of Texas Literacy Initiative and Instructional Services (ext. 223)
Cherita Archie, Admininstrative Assistant (ext. 223)
Kelley Romar, Director of 21st Century Learning (ext. 228)
Rhonda Durand, Grant Manager (ext. 229)
Department of HR and Operations
409.938.4251 ext. 240
Antonio Corrales, Executive Director of HR and Operations
Lacie Brady, HR Specialist
Stephen Kushner, Facilities Foreman
Paul Simpson, Technology Coordinator - 409.908.5024
Brenda Guy, Director of Transportation - 409.938.7961
Office of School and Community Relations
409.938.4251, ext. 254
Thomasine Allen, Executive Director of School and Community Relations
Beverly Saldana, Administrative Assistant
Department of Athletics
Dr. Mike Jackson, Athletic Director
Casey Albright, Secretary
Department of Business & Finance
409.938.4251, ext. 252
Dianne Duron, Business Manager (ext. 253)
Stefanie Brumfield, Accountant/Purchasing (ext. 250)
Denyl James, Accounts Payable/Finance Assistant (ext. 252)
Richard Ruiz, Payroll and Benefits Specialist (ext. 243)
Dr. Michael Cottledge, PEIMS Coordinator (ext. 258)
Candy Gifford, Aramark General Manager - 409.938.3984
Janie Morgan, Aramark Operations Manager